Iron Poppa | DIY kit (white)


Iron Poppa is founder of Luxury Money Cartel. He steals money from the poor and gives them to the rich to make the rich even richer. He found Spidey-Bruv on the streets and made him his sidekick. Although Spidey thinks he is a real gangsta, Iron Poppa knows that in fact he is just a spoiled child with accessories from Aliexpress.
Iron Daddy’s favorite kicks are Air Jordan 1 and his favorite SWAG is his royal crown.

Have you ever wanted to make your own gangsta Iron Man? Now, with these DIY kits, you can! This set contains every part you need to make your personal Iron Poppa figure. It includes all the body parts (unpainted), 10 magnets and a set of plastic diamonds.
Now you just need some paint, a little bit of glue, a tad of imagination, and here is your own 6 inch, articulated, magnetic action figure!

Please allow 1 week for item to ship.