Cosmos Cold / Dreary One / Centurion

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In a deep future or distant past... On a long forgotten space station, something terrible happened. Now this place belongs to ghosts, moaning and whispering, ensnaring space travelers, searching for the one to blame, the one to say to: this is all because of you!

Dreary One is back in new 3 inch form!
Smaller but better than before, this spooky little guy comes in various vibrant colors, features 3 points of articulation and magnetic joints.
This new figure is made of high quality soft resin that allows for fun play without fear of breaking something.

1/24 scale, 3 inches tall.
Soft resin, hand casted, hand painted.
3 points of articulation, magnetic joints.

Comes in a bag with header card.

Please allow 1 week for item to ship.